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Are you not getting the traffic you want or the conversion you need?  (Oh conversion is just a short way of saying “getting your website visitors to be paying customers.”)

Did you ever think that your website could in fact help you get more sales or clients? It can! 

There was a study done by Elizabeth Sillence and her crew conducted at Northumbria University, where she had a lot of people find websites about hypertension.

Then she asked had them list the ones that weren’t trustworthy in their opinion and why.

Guess what!? 94% of the reasons why they felt that they weren’t trustworthy was design related issues!

So that being said…do you wanna do a quick website design checkup with me? Okay here we go…

1. Your website needs to be free of clutter. Are there images or text everywhere? Do you hate to see “empty spaces” on your website? If you answered yes to one or both of these your website might need to be de-cluttered.

2.  Navigation needs to be easy to use and streamlined to work towards getting conversions. Please make sure your navigation is easy to understand, always visible with words. Don’t have hidden navigation or “have to scroll over to know it’s a menu”.

3.  No need to be wordy. In general, people have a short attention span and will not pay attention longer than a couple of sentences. Also we tend to skim pages…so having bullet points that are bolded with a small paragraph after works the best for most pages.

Well…how has your website done so far? Let me know in the comments below!