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streamlinesmmSo today I’m sitting here thinking…wow, I get to write about a topic that I love, it just seems a bit weird and amazing haha! And you are probably thinking…who is this Sarah anyway? Well here you go…

Sometimes, I feel like I have nothing to say…and then other times I feel like I have everything to say. I am free-spirited and creative. I find it hard to remain in complete structure and order, but that’s what makes life fun right? You will most likely find me doodling an idea on a piece of paper or researching something I am just dying to know. I drive my husband crazy sometimes haha, but he supports me and my dreams, I am so thankful!

Ok enough craziness about me, let’s jump in to today’s topic…

Streamline…doesn’t that word sound amazing? And put it together with Social Media Marketing and you have a match made in heaven!

A lot of business owners know that Social Media Marketing takes a lot of time, and that is one reason why they just don’t do it. Now because you are reading this post, you must care about your social media and are going to start working on it or you’ve already started working on it. Good for you! I am so proud of you!

Yes, Social Media is time consuming, but there are things that can help you automate some tasks and also help you with streamlining it. Here they are:


Use a Automated Scheduler

hootsuite-logoThere are many apps out there that do this, but my two favorite are Hootsuite and Buffer. I use Hootsuite the most. Basically you can write a lot of posts and schedule them out for the week. This saves you tones of time! Facebook also has a way you can schedule posts (but that’s just on Facebook), which is really cool. Hootsuite can schedule posts for almost all of the social media sites, which is nice.

Buffer also schedules posts for most of them, and it has a different approach of scheduling, you set a time of day and the amount of posts per day, and then start adding posts. You aren’t able to see the feeds, lists or anything right in the app, like you can with Hootsuite, so it’s not the best for everyone but it still works really well.


Weekly Post Scheduling

Spend one hour or so gathering amazing content that your readers would love and/or old articles from your blog that are still relevant and post them with an automated scheduler above.

This way you can schedule out a whole week of posts in one day, freeing up the rest of your week to reply to customers and run your business. Designate one day for this. Write it on your calendar and stick to it! Consistency is very important with Social Media, and you will be if you use this strategy.


Create a Strategy 

You need a plan. Period. Every business, who can benefit from social media needs a strategy, a plan to know what to do when to do it.

Not having a plan is like driving a car with a blindfold on…yeah you can kind of remember where to turn but you really need to see in order to not crash…which you will crash if you can’t see. (This is just an example, please don’t actually drive with a blindfold on. )

Anyway, I know a social media strategy sounds a bit scary, but its a lot like a marketing plan…just focusing on social media. If you are thinking…I just don’t have time for that….then you can go ahead and shoot me an email, I would be so happy to help you create a strategy for your social media marketing! :)

Also stay tuned, I will be coming out with a *FREE* mini-guide on how to create a Social Media Strategy!

Now it’s your turn! Do you have a tried and true way to streamline your social media? You can reply in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you!