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Something that I tell every one of my clients is that they NEED to be on social media. Social media is a way of communicating with fans and potential customers that has given businesses a greater advantage now more than ever.

Say, you have a Facebook page, and a friend of yours “Likes” your business’ page. Now anything you post on your business’ page, they will see on their news feed. They can then comment, share or like that post of yours.

Being active on social media will increase the “know, like and trust” aspect of your business. You will be able to offer greater customer service by being able to quickly answer questions, solve problems, give advice, etc.

When I say “Social Media” I don’t mean you have to be on every single website that calls itself “social”. In fact, I recommend being on only 1-3 social media websites at the most. Facebook, Twitter and/or Google + are my go-to’s for most businesses.

So I’ve explained a bit about why you should use social media, now I will dive into HOW you can generate more traffic to your website using it.

1. Start posting.

Whether it’s a link to your blog, a quote from a famous person, or some news about your company, try to post every day. There are applications out there that will be able to help you do this. Hootsuite and Buffer are my personal favorites.

2. Provide quality content.

Know your audience and provide content that will help them.  When you blog, blog about helpful topics that your audience would find beneficial.

3. Engage your fans

Ask questions, answer questions, solve problems. Focus on customer experience and make sure you give them the best treatment.

4. Don’t over promote yourself.

Yes, definitely post some things about your company news once in a while, but don’t over do it. It’s very annoying and most of your clients don’t care who’s being promoted or who has quit. Write about things that will interest your market, that will provide value to them.


photo credit: Matt Hamm via photopin cc