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So you have a list of keywords that you have thought up, but how do you know if they will actually work to get you a high ranking in Google?


There is a good way to check this, and best of all it’s free!


Google has come out with a Keyword Planning Tool that will help you sift through your list of keywords to find the perfect target keywords that will take your website to the top!


To use Google Keyword Planner, you are going to need to log in with your Gmail account or create one. When you get to the Google Keyword Planner home screen, you will see, “What do you want to do?” and you’ll want to click on “Search for New Keyword and Ad Group Ideas”


Then you can enter in the main box a keyword or key phrase that is on your list. (Note: key phrases are better because people usually search in a phrase form anyway and you can fit multiple keywords in a key phrase)


Once you enter in a key phrase, click on the “Get Ideas” button at the bottom. Switch the tab view to “Keyword Ideas”. On the top is the keyword/phrase you chose with some information on it


Average monthly searches and competition are all you need to worry about. If the average monthly searches are over 1,000 and the competition is low or medium, that means that you have a very good keyword/key phrase. When the competition is low, it gives you more of an opportunity to rank higher because there are not as many people competing for it.


So repeat those steps until you have 4-5 good key phrases and then strategically implement them into your website.